btw I got 10/10 <3, 10/10 :’) with romanization and english translations Tf? Same here, only my ultimate bias is..the moment you’ve been waiting for ladies and gentlemen..JUNG-KOOK!!! “Maknae line” is the 3 youngest members a.k.a Jungkook, V and Jimin. BTS is a South Korean boy band who made their debut in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. I wouldn’t consider myself hardcore ARMY because I’ve only known about them for 5 months, but I’m devoted & caught up. This time you can put your ARMY knowledge on test by answering questions about the boys, covering different topics, from their beginnings until right now. Kpop Discographies While the group’s hegemony has been active for a handful of years, things really ramped up with the release of their 2019 EP Map of the Soul: Persona . J … Hehe. Only a fan for 2 months and to get a 9. #kimnamjoon What’s your result? Ok, that being said, i am happy to share with you yet another BTS quiz. completely not a waste of time watching all of their videos and following their updates for years. What’s your result? #bts BTS verschönert mir immer wieder meinen Tag, einfach nur dadurch, wie die Jungs drauf sind und was sie so machen... Ob sie nun Unsinn reden oder Musik machen. Die erfolgreichste K-Popband der Welt und dazu besteht sie noch aus so lustigen Jungs, die auch noch gut aussehen! Both of them are visuals but Jin was introduced as an offcial visual when they debuted and V was introduced sometime later. 7/10. #english The questions were basic so i also got 10. FOR JOBLESS ARMIES. wow!! 10/10. FANTASTIC FT. MANDY VENTRICE OST FANTASTIC FOUR. #translated, know you love me girl so that I love you know you love me boy so that I love you thank you so much for being at my side for these three years, know you love me girl so that I love you know you love me boy so that I love you I'll be by your side always don't worry 'bout a thing my love, I know the red carpet that spreads out ahead of me it's red because of the tears of blood of the people who love me I know your gaze that remained on me that day is something shared between you and me that can never be replaced, (say to me) if you love me (tell me) if you're same with me to the people I'm thankful for the only thing that I can do is (sing for you) say I love you (tell you) that I love you too I'll sing with all my heart if you say you can hear my voice. wow!! Let’s check this quiz and find out how much of an A.R.M.Y are you. still amazed.. Only got into bts at the beggining of the year but got 10/10. Been an ARMY for like 8 months:), Jin’s “worldwide handsome” phrase gives it away XD. Suga’s real name is Min Yoo go, but he prefers to go by his stage name Suga. My dear BTS, you know i love you 2020-04-14T09:26:08Z Comment by BTR/BTS. was that too easy or am i just in too deep, i got ten even tho idk them and im an anti, I got 10/10! But still an A.R.M.Y. MEEE Congrats, you’re a true A.R.M.Y! #minyoongi They should put harder questions. __gee dee . pretty proud of myself, i’ve been a fan for 3 months now, 10/10 Fighting! I assumed V had been the one studying acting since he was in a Kdrama, 10/10 I’ve been into them for almost 2 years now wow. Who! (Special Event) Kpop Albums ‘BE’ (BTS) Album Info. Well you can test your knowledge with this short quiz. i just got to know them and i know a lot about them. I got 9/10 on this one, but I got 10/10 on the Got7 one. (function(d, s, id){ Poll: Which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020? How well do you know BTS? i’m a jungkook stan but i know every one of them just as well <3 i got 910 i just forgot the last one but i knew it started with a ‘j’ lmao, In War of Hormone, Rapmon only says you 3 times. The boys would be proud of you and so are we! they have questioned each others place on the visual ranking many times which may cause new ARMYs to be confused! Got 10/10 even tho questions 3 and 10 were kinda hard, Ha Ha Well done! By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. If you notice any mistakes feel free to drop a comment or anything its ok. #BTSFESTA2016 is very fun you children. random, jimin, jungkook. i’m an army since 1 year and 2 weeks and i got 10/10 why am i not even surprise lmao, I need to stalk more jks I just didn’t know Jin was in acting major wow I need to step up my game…, 10/10…i kinda guessed on the last one hehe…..I was like,” Woh. (I suffer from long-term and short-term memory loss), I think anyone can get this right, even if they joined the fandom last week this is too easy lolol. They are one of my ult groups. 10 Questions - Developed by: Min Andree - Developed on: 2020-05-12 - 3,173 taken - 3 people like it Are you are an Army who knows almost everything about BTS? I KNOW (FESTA 2016) - JUNGKOOK & RM Songtext von BTS mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf xD, impressive. Read I KNOW from the story BTS LYRICS by zekegourmet (SIMYOONGI ♛) with 6,304 reads. Read I Know (BTS RM & Jungkook) from the story BTS Song Lyrics [UPDATED~] by goldendraft (Nicole) with 168 reads. but the score is impressive, 10 of 10 for 5 months Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , are you kidding me? Feel free to comment below. We Start with EXO Quiz now with BTS and We will make quiz for all kpop groups. , @vinascarsbrook:disqus the questions is too easy. This was too easy ლ(´ڡ`ლ) PLEASEE! V was introduced as a Visual sometime later. ehe. @import url(""); anneyongh! . Kpop Group of the Week (4th Week of December 2020). 10/10 known them for 4 months now. 10/10. YAAAAAAAAY. By now you should know exactly who these stage names belong to. if this was a subject in school, I’d never want to leave class. Which is your favorite song in UP10TION’s The Moment of Illusion album? 10/10 they aren’t even my ult fav anymore but this was so easy skldgkfj, After quitting their biggest fandom for 2 years, i just got 9/10, Kpop Girl Group Profiles #bangtansoneyondan Kpop Facts Privacy Policy haha i’m so happy … i’m a new fan but i almost got it perfect. BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band that began formation in 2010 and debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. He first debuted in 2013 as the … Got wrong answer on last question. Kpop Quizzes Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? A true A.R.M.Y #suga 10/10 really I’m a true A.R.M.Y. If you are a fan and follow Kpop then you already know that Suga is a very popular singer and member of BTS. When even South Korea has a killer boyband, you know boybands are taking over the world! .what has my subconscious been doing?? I was about to answer RM but then remembered their Run Ep. well done! what happen to me?? THEY R MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!! Author: Editorial Team. bangtansonyeondan, romanization, taehyung. Feel free to comment! Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? The seven-member South Korean pop collective BTS has taken the world by storm over the last half decade. XD, 10/10 I used to be an over obsessive a.r.m.y, I got 10 too but I am not truely ARMY… Its a easy question of course I can answers it because its just a basic… A true ARMY is know everything about them,right? 10/10 ARMY FOREVER From Tattoos, Phobias & More: Know All The Facts About BTS Suga Unknown facts about Suga you need to know, check out now. 9/10 I was wrong at a simple one but still an ARMY for ever!!!! actually I am not new to them but yeah I did’nt have some facts about them because that time they debut and that time I knew them,I’m busy watching and searching EXO…, BUt I will make sure to support them this time☺. In the end of the quiz you will learn how well do you know BTS. Unter BTS sang er bis jetzt drei Solotracks; der erste Solotrack war der Popsong Begin vom Album Wings aus dem Jahr 2016 in welchem er seine Geschichte erzählt, als er in Teenageralter alleine nach Seoul zog, um Idol zu werden und drückt seine Dankbarkeit gegenüber seinen Bandkollegen aus, dass sie während dieser Zeit für ihn da waren. You know them well. What is my life? I seriously doubt that! Which member had been a student majoring in acting at Konkuk University, before being cast for auditions? 10/10 There is a clip of Jin talking about how handsome he is when Taehyung responds with “why am i the visual then?”. After watching Hwarang, I searched of V. Then learned he’s a member of BTS. XD, @bhagirathiojha:disqus WOH!”, 9/10 got the last one incorrect but still proud , I got 10/10 but why i’m not suprised?? 10/10, how would i get these wrong, they are my ult favorite band. Hope I cleared it . Wenn du BTS genauso gerne magst, beweise mir, wie gut du sie kennst und mache mein Quiz! This has lead to the biggest question – Which BTS member you are? Take the fun quiz to find out. Kpop Polls Poll: What was your favorite 2020 MAMA performance? Suggestions, About Us if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;} JOBLESS AND BROKE AND HYPED FOR 2019 COMEBACK, And quietly counting pennies in the corner thinking up ways to earn money for merch/albums-, aye been a fan since 2k16 i love my babies, Been an army since 2017 December. I had been an army since 2013!!!!! Not surprised I became perfect though. Do you know about BTS? and i’ve only been a fan for about a week lol <3 luv them all, 10 – 10 aaaa truue A.R.M.Y!!!! This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. Also my favorite members are Jungkook, Taehyung and J-Hope and I'm not too sure yet but I think I also like Jimin! !!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they will not be disband on BigHit Ent. Woow! 2020-03-13T23:03:52Z Comment by Neah … XD, I GOT 10 OF 10 RIGHT… HMMM, PROUD OF MYSELF AS A TRUE A.R.M.Y!!!! }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Just tell us who you are to view your results ! , 9/10 TRUE ARMY FANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wishing you and your loved ones peace, health, happiness and prosperity in the coming 2021. borahae! Why not take on this BTS quiz and see whether you know them well enough. i just be army for a half year! “Which member was the 1st official visual, also known as ‘worldwide handsome’?” i said V LMFAO V IS MY FAVS SO OF COURSE I SAID HIM LOVE YOU KIM TAEHYUNG 9/10 THANK YOU IM A TRUE A.R.M.Y LOVE YALL (MOSTLY V) Do you think you know BTS well enough? Less than 3 months and i score a perfect 10/10 ^_^ Why did I get them all right . How well do you know Jimin (BTS)? on YouTube….. ah god I’ve never been in a fandom before but I think I might’ve just joined one >////////< Yup, it’s a little confusing, especially to the uninitiated, but we are sure that you’ll be feeling like you know … Suga, mentioned Jin’s Univ. I get that you love V but that doesn’t mean you’ll become blind to the facts lol. I got 8 points. 9 out of 10. @import url("");,, I got 9/10. #jhope 10/10 , i’m not an army for a long time but i got the questions right , You supposed to create Hiw Well Do You Know SNSD. Sitemap I won’t even say mys score xD. with the name of the person singing each verse 10/10 happy af….i thought i got one wrong but i’m happy cuz i’m.a true army we purple you, 9/10 Seems to be my norm for these quizzes. 37. Since they’re both a visual, I wasn’t sure who was the main/official visual. true ARMY here, got7 right! Yipieee… Hahahaha. @frejarrland:disqus Check out Get to Know BTS first. I still need to know them better. i know it's hard because we all been there but still, i want to wish everyone a happy new year! Me:”Well, I’m A New A.R.M.Y So Maybe I Get 1 Or 2 Of This Question Wr-” I’ve known these handsome boys for too long Everyone loves them! My gosh I forgot that I’m an army since 3 years and 6 month from now , i haven’t been an army for that long but i still got 10/10 smh, impressive to me, I won’t even say my score. 10/10 BOIIIIIIII I LOVE BTS SO MUCH!!!!!!! The boys would be proud of you and so are we! Exactly! Searched for BTS then fell on love with everyone! Kpop – Who wore it better? Be an A.R.M.Y for a year now and I’m surprised I got a 10/10. I got a 9/10 and I’ve been A.R.M.Y for 1 or 2 months. and my only mistake is the year they debuted….. maybe i was in not my mind today. how could you not know that worldwide handsome was the visual, yeayy me too…i been army since their debut and now almost 5 year i been army, Omg im a true army ilove jimin because hes really cute and her voice is so beautiful so iluv bts because of jimin and jungkook im inlove to jimin omgiwish that im gonna meet her some dayim gonna merry him, lmao my score was supposed to be 10/10 but I accidentally clicked the wrong answer while scrolling (I’m using laptop), same then I tried clicking Jin a lot of times for the Konkuk University thingy (8th question) cause my laptop stopped you’ll scored 10 after a month be an ARMY ,, KING #junghoseok BUT WE ALL PROUD OF U OUT THERE. Stream Tracks and Playlists from BTS on your desktop or mobile device. Romanization , Can you please make “How do you well know MOMOLAND” and who is your momoland Girlfriend <3 Which member is called "the golden maknae"? #jungkook When BTS debut, Jin was the only one who got introduced as an official 1st visual. wow! #kimseokjin #jimin Which member was the 1st official visual, also known as 'worldwide handsome'? Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups I got 9/10 but really which question did I answered wrong , 10/10 it’s too easy because you’re really good :p, lol same here, too into kpop xD 18 Dec,2020 02:26:51. BTS boys, V, Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin are known for their fashion statements on red carpets, award shows, music videos, and more. # love u Jin you are the best, I got 10 of 10 right But I almost got confused by the last question. js = d.createElement(s); = id; lol, Lyrics to all BTS songs and covers But if you're a true ARMY, you'll do anything to prove it. O_O, 9/10 wasn’t sure if visuals was jin or v. . . Kpop Ships surprising, when do i become a true Army? BTS has already established oneself as one of the most successful or influential boy bands. I have been with em since pre debut and stuff .-. Like their music, their fashion is remarkable and grabs the attention of the public. . (Special Event), Bullgama Sound: History, Artists and Facts,,,,,,,,,,, Poll: Which December 2020 Releases were your Favorites?